Maze Escape game

If you like a good challenge then try to get the treasure from the moving wall maze without getting trapped or getting attacked by monsters.
If you select with potions then you can collect walk through wall potions to help you get through the maze and swords to protect yourself from monsters.
(When encountering monsters, if you have a sword you dont need to do anything, you will automatically use the sword.)
In 2 player mode you can steal the treasure from the other player but no tag backs allowed(you need to wait at least 1 turn before you can steal it back).

Good luck

In single player mode you can also use w-a-s-d or h-j-k-l or arrow keys to move and n or r to use potions if potions were selected.
In 2player mode player1(red) uses w-a-s-d and player2(blue) uses arrow keys. If potions where selected player2(blue) uses n and player1(red) uses r for potions.

(Scrolling with the down arrow key is disabled to be able to play the game properly, but scrolling is still possible with the space bar.)

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